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What Our Parents Say

We are thankful for Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool), my son Jeremy joined the school at age 2 ½ years, all of the teachers and assistants were excellent in educating and nurturing positive attitudes for my son. Jeremy now has good interpersonal skills. The teachers’ patience & care towards my son was awesome and I do salute them!!! Thank you Systems Little House.

Mr. & Mrs. S
Nationality: Malaysian 

Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool) was an amazing school and community for our whole family. Both of our daughters thrived in the small classes and really blossomed under the child-directed Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Through the guidance of the experienced and caring teachers, our children grew in amazing ways – developing more confidence, creativity, and curiosity. Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool) is a school that lays the foundation in cultivating life-long learners in a safe, loving, and joyful environment.

Mr. & Mrs. B
Nationality: American

We have confidence in Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool) to take good care of our kids. We are satisfied with their commitments to kids, communication between schools & parents, and the cohesion we create together.

我们很安心让孩子在Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool)上学。我们很满意学校对孩子的用心,家长和学校之间的沟通,和一同创造出来的凝聚力。

Mr. & Mrs. D
Nationality: Chinese

Без сомнения, самый лучший детский сад в Ханое. Трое наших детей ходили в Systems Little House (Now Sky International Preschool) с 2011 по 2015г. Один мой хороший друг порекомендовал мне SLH. Этот детсад очень популярен, и поэтому нужно узнавать, есть ли места. Но директор, Michelle, идет навстречу и всегда старается найти место. Говоря об этом, она вообще всегда легко идет на встречу по любым вопросам, будь то вопросы сроков оплаты, питания или чего угодно.

Mr. & Mrs. L
Nationality: Russian

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