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Our Schools

“The environment is a child’s third teacher”

– Dr. Loris Malaguzzi, Founder of Reggio Emilia Approach

Our Facilities

At Sky International Preschool, every part of our school is designed not only to be fully functional but also inspiring, nurturing, and reflective of the child’s creativity.

Our calm & quiet atmosphere, natural decor, quality materials, and clear, uncluttered space offers the children and teachers the opportunity to explore and discover every day. All our indoor areas have air conditioning and air filters which are monitored hourly.

All our classrooms and play spaces provide not only a familiar space to play but also a laboratory for new discoveries!

Our Classrooms


For each age group, the classrooms are spacious with a similar set up, providing consistency within the school for the children. The rooms include a comfortable reading & literacy area, large clear floor space for group play & circle times, home corner, a language/literacy area, science & construction area, a dress-up corner, a creative / Art area, and each has easy bathroom access. We use a lot of loose parts and simple toys which are age appropriate and develop fine motor and cognitive skills.

Our Atelier

sky international preschool-facilities-atelier 4
sky international preschool-facilities-atelier

 Each of our schools has a purpose-built Art room – a workshop for children to create, using a wealth of media & materials. It is led by an Atelierista, a qualified and experienced Art teacher, who works alongside the teachers & children to support their growth & learning in both the cognitive and expressive processes of Art & Communication.

Our Cooking Lab

 Each of our schools has a purpose-built cooking lab where the children learn about kitchen and food safety, food science, nutrition, healthy eating as well as the different colors, textures and sensory experiences of food.


sky international preschool-facilities-playground (2)

 We design our schools with connected play spaces to initiate children’s interests and to guarantee that every child’s curiosity is embraced. We closely monitor the AQI and heat index and in the event that either is too high – then outdoor playtime is reduced or stopped. 

Functional Rooms

sky international preschool-facilities-gym (2)
sky international preschool-facilities-light & shadow (3)
sky international preschool-facilities-gym

Each of our schools has a Light & Shadow Atelier and Gym:  Our days of playing & learning are not limited to just the classroom, children have access to different functional rooms that embrace perspectives of the play session.

Play Materials

We respect the culture and context of the place we are located in by using a wide range of local materials in play materials.

Loose-parts play materials provide children with opportunities to combine, design, connect, disconnect, sort and count in multiple ways. There are no specific directions or instructions when playing with loose parts. The child is the leader and the direction.

sky international preschool-facilities-materials

Natural materials are found in nature and not made by human such as plants, rocks and flowers. They are open-ended and can be utilized alone or in combination with other materials. 

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