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Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule varies for each age group & programme.

First Day of School

Sky International Preschool-Opening-school day

A first day for anyone can be extremely difficult and stressful – as adults, we have the ability to rationalize the situation, and we understand the reason why we are in the new place and most importantly, when we can go home. For children this can be difficult. In order to minimize the stress for everyone, we would encourage you to follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition period.

First day – first school

If this is the first time your child is attending school we ask that a parent or caregiver be available to help them settle during the first few days. On day one, the parent/caregiver remains in the class for the full day in a present, yet non-participative way. Over the next 2-3 days the staff will advise when it is appropriate to step out / return. We find this method creates a strong foundation of trust between the child, the parent and the teacher and ensures a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

If your child has attended school before…

If your child has already attended school before and you are confident that they can settle easily, you are welcome to – but not not required to stay with him/her after the drop-off.

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